Lost your inspiration? Get out from town!

March 14th, 2012

Lost your inspiration or,, La joie de vivre” ; feeling crummy or just tired. Doesn’t matter which fits you, it’s clear that you need to get away and take breath of fresh air!

We propose the historic city of Venice – it’s famed for the beauty of its architecture, artworks, carnival and of course Murano Island.

Fly away

Don’t look at the clock

And make the first stop in Forli to visit a impressive church then take the train to Venice

Pass the bridge

Stop to buy local specialties

Or to taste local goodies.

Now you’re ready to blend with the crowd.

Forget the city map, just walk

And discover every little street and bridge

See the canals in a gondola

If you have chosen the Venice carnival period, immortalize beautiful costumes

Choose a mask

See the sunset and Venice by night

Next morning Murano Island is a must

With its glass factory

Now you’re almost ready to head back home, but not before choosing a drag queen


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