Gift Voucher

1.What is a gift voucher? 
A gift voucher is a certificate issued by DigiTech Sistem that cannot be refunded. 
2. Where can I find the voucher? 
DigiTech Sistem can issue gift certificates in newsletters, SMS and other communication channels, which are issued in promotions and may represent a reduction that will apply. * In some cases, the term, gift voucher is equivalent to discount coupon, promotional code, discount code.
3. How to order a gift voucher? 
To order a gift voucher you only need to send us your data. Using the form here or on the Contact link in the new upper-right corner of the site, where you specify the desired value of the coupon. We will contact you and send you the voucher code that you’ll give to the person who will benefit from the reduction. The billing for your check will be performed after confirmation of an order by the recipient of the gift certificate. The order will be honored only after your payment. 
4. Who can send a voucher? 
The gift voucher is the most simple and efficient to make great gifts. 
* Are you an manager and you want to make a gift to your employees, but do not know what everyone wants? 
* Is the marriage of your best friend and you want to make a nice gift, but at the same time not to buy the same thing to other people? 
* Your daughter wants something special and you’re not sure what jewelry she appreciates? 
* Your friend / wife want something and you cannot guess what she wants? Leave her to decide, you buy only the voucher! 
5. How to use the gift voucher? 
Browse the shop and select the desired products. Give the command when you have finished entering the code of your gift certificate, click Apply Coupon and discount will be applied to your order. Once you have entered the code correctly, the reduction will appear in the order given. Unless there is specific, a check is valid for a single command. The check is in use if the order was completed by the billing. In case the order is canceled, the check is considered unused and can be loaded into another command. 
6. Conditions and restrictions checks may be accompanied by certain conditions and limitations: 
* The command should always be more or less equal to the value of the check (do not include the shipping charges and other charges) 
* Minimum value of control: the value of the check is subject to the order value 
* Validity: a check can expire on a certain date or have unlimited validity * Awarded benefits: reductions or benefits that came with a voucher is granted only to products and not to shipping costs or other expenses.
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